These are the habits that are causing your breakouts—and here’s how to change them.

It’s easy to blame acne on genetics and hormonal shifts. Nobody chooses to get pimples, so it’s surely outside your control whenever they appear. But the truth of the matter is that clogged pores are often avoidable, and that the things you do every day could be one of the root causes.

Now, acne isn’t entirely avoidable. You’ll get stressed every so often, and a charmingly painful pimple will plant itself on your forehead. But, if you correct the following bad habits, you can nix just about every breakout in-between the inevitable ones.

Not Cleansing Your Face Often Enough

It’s good to sweat. The toxins trapped inside your body are released, and sweating keeps your body temperature in check. But when you don’t wash your face soon after sweating, or when you let the dirt and grime of everyday life cake itself onto your face, then you’re asking for problems.

You need to cleanse quickly after sweating, and whenever you feel like smog or smoke or whatever is creating an extra layer of film atop your skin. (In addition to clogging your pores, these things can prevent the sweat from exiting. It’s a double whammy.)

If you can’t shower, then the best solution may be to tote portable face wipes. A quick swipe will soak up impurities, clean out the pores, and balance oil production in the skin. Now, don’t go cleansing four or five times daily; that’s a recipe for dry skin.

Just pay attention to when it’s necessary, and in the very least, splash some cold water onto your face at the office (after washing your hands, of course) to flush away excess buildup throughout the day.

Maintaining a Poor Diet

Your genetics play a big role in how your body processes food and how it manifests itself onto your complexion. However, there are still some universal rules that benefit everybody’s skin.

First, cut back on sugary and processed foods. That stuff will clog your pores like nobody’s business. (Not to mention, it’s terrible for you in general. Stop.)

Caffeine and alcohol can dry out the skin and lead to breakouts, so try to limit your coffee and booze binges if you’ve got to shoot a Calvin Klein commercial a few days later. Or if you’re in a wedding, or something.

If you’ve been breaking out a lot while subsequently feasting on pizza, nachos, three daily glasses of milk (I see you, Heartland!), then it’s worth minimizing your dairy intake and just seeing how your skin responds. You can always switch to almond milk for your calcium, or take a daily supplement.

Most importantly, though, you need to stay hydrated. I don’t care if it’s annoying to have to pee 17 times in a day. Drink water. Drink lots of water. Especially if you’re active. Especially when the climate is cold and dry. Especially when you fly and the body dehydrates. Especially always always always.