I’ve got a bone to pick with antiperspirant. I think we can agree that some type of pit protection is necessary to keep body odor at bay, but traditional antiperspirants with aluminum leave my underarms feeling stifled. The same ingredients that keep me from smelling dank refuse to come off in the shower—no matter how much scrubbing I do. So, I tried to go with a natural deodorant. But I ended up with damp armpits before I could even make it to the office.

So, I started searching around for sweat-stopping alternatives. That’s when I read about Botox for sweating. As a beauty editor, I haven’t completely ruled out the needle as an antiaging solution on my face—wrinkles are inevitable, and I try to embrace every line—but I never thought I’d get Botox in my armpits.

Since 2004, Botox has been a well-accepted treatment for excessive sweating, also known as hyperhidrosis. But it can also be used for less serious cases of sweating—like mine. In fact, celebrities have been known to get a little underarm Botox before award season. Sweat stains are not an option when you’re wearing an expensive couture gown on loan. So, I decided to go under the needle to see if this would be the solution to all my pit troubles.