The charges against a doctor who was accused of killing two patients while performing cosmetic surgery were dropped on Wednesday.

The order to drop the charges came from Cobb County District Attorney Vic Reynolds on Wednesday, citing insufficient evidence to prosecute on the felony murder and aggravated battery charges filed against Dr. Nedra Dodds.

Reynolds said his lead prosecutor left for another job and the case was assigned to someone else. After further review, it was determined they could not prove criminal intent beyond a reasonable doubt.

“I told them to review it, look at it again, they did. I brought other lawyers in to look at it and in conclusion they came to me all together and said Vic this isn’t a case that needs to be handled in a criminal court,” Reynolds said. “That doesn’t mean that we don’t believe that something happened that shouldn’t. It doesn’t mean we don’t believe there was a case of malpractice. It doesn’t mean we believe these people ought to be practicing medicine.”

Dodds and another doctor, Kevin McCowan, were indicted in early 2016 by a Cobb County Grand Jury on charges of felony murder, aggravated battery, and theft by deception.