With a roster of well-known patients (which, unfortunately for us, she’ll never disclose), Macrene Alexiades has become known as the Park Avenue dermatologist who keeps her patients looking younger than they are in the most natural way. 15 years ago, the born-and-bred New Yorker launched 37 Actives skin care, named after the whopping number of active ingredients crammed into each jar.

The line, which now boasts an extra rich formula, a neck cream and foundation (a lip filling treatment launches next month…), has garnered an intense cult following. In January, she’ll launch a 37 Actives travel kit, as a limited edition with Net-a-Porter. Currently, she’s working on a 2,500-page textbook called Cosmetic Dermatology, and if Macrene Alexiades’s predictions prove correct, topical products will soon advance to such a formidable stage, they’ll make in-office procedures obsolete. Until then, we’re sticking close to her workplace—and those magic hands of hers.