The painting of a slender, naked model, whose only covering is a luxury branded scarf on her face, hovers over the “Boob Station,” a tray filled with natural saline and silicone breast implants. Dr. Z Teo, CEO of the Aivee Group of Companies and a Singapore-based plastic surgeon, holds up an implant against the model’s small but perky breasts.

“We do natural-shaped implants. People don’t like implants that look like watermelons. She’s here to explain what these natural implants do,” he explains, referring to the image.

The painting is a work by San Francisco-based artist Anna Halldin-Maule, whose husband Tom photographs the models. Anna then makes a hyper-realistic painting from her husband’s most striking image.

Maule’s painting became the inspiration for A Institute, the newest medical facility run by Dr. Z and his wife, celebrity dermatologist and medical director Aivee Aguilar-Teo. While the Aivee Clinics focus on skin, the A Institute at Burgos Park Building covers aesthetic surgery, sports medicine, hair transplant, a snoring lab and wellness. Its sleek interior design by Singaporean firm Avit is ideal for displaying contemporary art.