Whether we notice it or not, our skin is affected by both our physical and mental well being.

That’s why Dr. Jeffrey Berti and Dr. Toula Berti of Dermatology & Dermatologic Surgery, Ltd. provide a comprehensive dermatologic exam that includes a physician discussing the history, as well as performing the evaluations for every patient.

“We strive to be a full-service dermatology practice for the entire family,” Dr. Jeffrey Berti says.

Both he and Dr. Toula Berti trained at the Mayo Clinic, where virtually every aspect of medical treatment is available under one roof.

“We can’t be exactly that as dermatologists, but we can be as excellent within our own realm, drawing upon our training to evaluate what is causing both simple and complex issues our patients are having,” Dr. Jeffrey Berti says.

Because of their background, they are able to treat issues that other medical offices or spas cannot. Dr. Toula Berti notes that cosmetic counters focus on covering the issues such as sun damage or redness, while their office treats these issues so that patients can minimize the use of cover up. She also adds that spas are relaxing and can offer skin treatments that are beneficial, but one should still visit their office for a proper diagnosis and potential skin cancer screenin