We’ve been told my everyone from our mum to celebrities not to squeeze spots. It can cause scarring, make the pimple worse and is generally gross. Gross but satisfying. If we had been told a simple squeeze could be fatal, we’d probably resist. In fact, we’d avoid touching our face all together.

Yes, according to one dermatologist, the simple and very satisfying act of popping a pimple can actually be terrible for your health.

The area most concerning is the Danger Triangle – the area across the eyes, bridge of the nose, upper lip and corners of the mouth.

Speaking to BBC Radio 5 Live Breakfast in Salford, Dr Vishal Madan said that the blood vessels in this area connect to your brain. Hence the potential horror. If you are naughty and can’t help but squeeze you could run the risk of infection in the Danger Triangle. Infections could lead to permanent paralysis (WHAT), vision loss (YIKES) and even death. Seriously. From making a spot erupt like a volcano? Apparently yes.