A new product available in the United Kingdom called Optimum PhytoFreeze promises to reduce wrinkles with its secret ingredient: Swiss ice wine grapes. A derivative from the grapes called “Vin-upLift” supposedly reduces wrinkles just as effectively as other chemical face lift products.

The effects of this face lift cream lasts a few hours, The Daily Mail reports. It reportedly doesn’t give you the frozen expression people can get from Botox and other injections. Helping out the Vin-upLift from the grapes is Acetyle Dipeptide, shea butter, olive oil, and vitamins E and B5. Its the grapes that provide the magic though. Switzerland’s ice wine grapes are traditionally left on the vine into winter. After they naturally freeze for the first time, they are harvested and turned into a sweet dessert wine. The concentrated sugars and polysaccharides from the frozen grapes, The Daily Mail writes, have a skin lifting effect.