It’s that time of year again—the months when temperatures nose-dive along with the moisture in your skin. Chapped, dull, flaky skin seems to appear at every crease and crevice of your once-hydrated, sun-kissed body.

Sound familiar? Develop an effective winter skincare regimen now with these exfoliation tips from dermatologist Jessie Cheung, MD.

Remove it. It’s important to exfoliate the dead, flaky skin so that moisturizers can penetrate deep and do their job. Exfoliation helps do this and boosts circulation to heal the skin.

Look for the right products. Shop for products with glycolic acid, or even lactic acid, if your skin is very sensitive. These ingredients will help smooth skin so that it reflects light for overall radiance.

Maintain the glow. Use moisturizers that contain ceramides, which hydrate and restore the skin barrier, to keep your skin glowing.

Add moisture to the air. Use a cool mist humidifier while you sleep to add moisture back into the air. These can make a big difference in how your skin looks and feels.

Don’t pick or peel. If your lips are dry and chapped, avoid the urge of picking at them. Use hydrating lip balms to lock moisture into your lips. You can also use a damp washcloth for gentle exfoliation, or apply a sugar scrub to the lips. Try to avoid licking your lips, since the evaporation of your saliva can cause more dryness.

[Source: Kelz PR]