After supermodel Bella Hadid came forward about her plastic surgery regrets—Hadid famously underwent rhinoplasty at age 14—other individuals who went under the knife as teens shared their remorse. One woman, Zoë, says the septorhinoplasty she had done at 16 still haunts her 15 years later. And she now chalks up her teen insecurities to body dysmorphia.

“In middle school, a boy told me I had a big nose, and that unlocked a new insecurity,” said Zoë, who, like some others in this story, asked to be identified only by her first name to protect her privacy. “I had a bump on the bridge of my nose and yearned for a tiny, smooth, upturned ‘pixie’ nose,” she said. 

So, at the appointment with an otolaryngologist to address her deviated septum, she also floated the idea of tweaking the appearance of her nose.

Without skipping a beat, her doctor agreed with the idea; Zoë’s nose could use a little work. The plastic surgeon she met up with shortly afterward agreed, too. He even pointed out characteristics of her nose she had never noticed before.

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