Being a trans woman can have various physical, mental, and social difficulties, psychologists acknowledge. It’s something Sanya Wiley of Orlando, Fla., knows firsthand. Fortunately, she received a complete makeover from Ryan Neinstein, MD, of Neinstein Plastic Surgery—something Wiley credits with changing her life for the better.

“There is still somewhat of a stigma around plastic surgery, specifically for trans women. We aim to remove that stigma and continue making beautiful bodies even more beautiful with our work,“ says Neinstein. 

 Neinstein looks at his office as a haven that can help empower the trans community. “When any patient is here, particularly a trans patient, our priority is to empathize and understand them,” he says. “We know that listening to their concerns and delivering on their results will empower and embolden them to fight back against some of the unfair advantages in their way.”

Before Wiley visited Neinstein, she suffered from crippling anxiety and depression. Wiley explains that body dysmorphia and gender dysphoria are common in the trans community and something she’s faced herself. “Imagine suffering because you’re trapped in a body you don’t want. It’s a horrifying daily experience. Dr. Neinstein gifted me my true identity,“ she Sanya.

Ryan Neinstein, MD

A trans woman is a woman that was assigned male at birth and who does not identify that way anymore. “We are that step in a trans woman’s journey where she enhances and beautifies those last few parts she feels are missing,“ says Neinstein. 

Neinstein stresses that not every woman needs surgery, and it is up to the individual, “If a woman desires plastic surgery, she should seek it out responsibly. We will help her get to the body of her dreams and always recommend a healthy diet and lifestyle as an augmentation to any procedure,“ he says.

To Wiley, undergoing plastic surgery has been a game-changer. “I am biased and will recommend Dr. Neinstein to any trans woman in the world who desires respect, compassion, and positivity,” Wiley says. “However, if you are thinking about having surgery, do your research and make sure your plastic surgeon has done work on trans women,“ says Sanya. 

Nowadays, modern science allows individuals unhappy with their physical features to have them changed. Cosmetic procedures may seem trivial or even disadvantageous, but Neinstein doesn’t see it that way. “Cosmetic surgery can help a person land a dream job, a dream life partner, and further their confidence to achieve life goals,” he says. “Your look is not everything, but it is a large part of the picture we can work with you to perfect.”