If you weren’t blessed by those adorable cheek indentations that give celebrities like Mario Lopez, Jennifer Garner and Miranda Kerr an eternally youthful and welcoming smile, you can now have them made in just under an hour. Dimpleplasty is a simple outpatient procedure that takes about 30 minutes and is gaining popularity as more and more patients are undergoing cosmetic procedures to get the features they’ve always wanted.

Sugar Land, TX, plastic surgeon Peter Chang, MD, says he is now performing four times as many dimpleplasty procedures as he used to just a few years ago. “Everyone in Hollywood has them and everyone wants them,” adds Dr. Chang. “I make a tiny incision inside the patient’s cheek, remove a small piece of cheek muscle and attach the reaming muscle to the underside of the skin, which leaves a permanent indentation, creating the dimple. It requires local anesthetic, takes about 30 minutes with just a little bit of swelling after.”