Connecticut-based plastic surgeon Joel B. Singer, MD, offers an enhanced version of the minimally-invasive facelift procedure, which he calls the Westport Face LiftTM. Singer’s technique  is popular in Connecticut because it provides lasting improvements with minimal downtime.

Minimally-invasive facelifts are also known as "weekend facelifts" because many patients recover in 2 or 3 days. Most weekend facelift patients choose the procedure to tighten and sculpt their jawline. Singer is the first and only Connecticut plastic surgeon to offer the Westport Face Lift, which focuses on tightening the skin on the cheeks.

"Minimally-invasive facelifts are a great choice for many patients," says Singer, founder of Imperial Plastic Surgery. "Most local residents considering cosmetic procedures to improve the appearance of their midface area are only given the option of a full facelift or temporary improvement with injectable fillers. With Westport Face Lift, I offer a better choice for many patients."

The Westport Face Lift combines surgical and medical spa treatments to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and treat sagging skin in the midface without requiring an extensive recovery period. The procedure tightens the skin on the cheeks and minimizes the appearance of nasolabial folds. Most patients recover from this Connecticut face lift procedure in a few days, and experience much less swelling, discomfort, and scarring than those who choose to undergo a full facelift.

"I have achieved fantastic results for my patients after performing the Westport Face Lift procedure in Connecticut," says Singer. "In fact, many patients choose to completely restore the look of their midface by asking me to perform nonsurgical lower eyelid rejuvenation using a fractionated CO2 laser along with fat grafting. This procedure makes it easier than ever to revitalize lower eyelid appearance."

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