Indian plastic surgeon, Dr Debraj Shome and Cosmetic dermatologist, Dr Rinky Kapoor, have just been awarded a US patent for a molecule – QR 678 – that treats hair loss in patients, injected intradermally into an affected area of the scalp of the patient. The molecule stimulates hair follicles and promotes hair growth.

While the treatment is aimed at patients with androgenetic alopecia, alopecia areata, female pattern baldness, and secondary alopecia, Dr Shome has treated at least 100 chemotherapy patients who go through hair loss during and after the cancer treatment process. This treatment addresses the psycho-somatic aspect for cancer survivors.

According to Dr Debraj Shome, “Cosmetic applications for treating hair loss are restrictive as they do not help regenerate hair. QR678 not only contains hair loss but stimulates growth of new hair. Once we get the approval for commercial production, we will offer this treatment through trained cosmetologists in metros. The biggest beneficiaries of this treatment will be chemotherapy patients as this will address the hair loss issues.

This will be our biggest service to the cancer survivor community and elevate their self-esteem.” The molecule will now get into commercial production with the application for DGCA approval underway. Since 2010, Dr Shome and Dr. Kapoor have carried out this procedure on 10,000 patients including 100 chemotherapy patients. They have submitted a clinical paper for publishing in an international medical journal.