Don’t know your Botox from your Fraxel? Lisa Sullivan-Smith and Kaye Scott are the dynamic duo behind Sydney beauty institution The Clinic. What they don’t know about Anti-Ageing simply isn’t worth knowing. Forget seeing a clairvoyant, this is the definitive guide on the latest sneak-ments and procedures you need to know for a beautiful future, at any age.

Their game plan: “we want to clear skin, remove sun damage and promote skin tightening,” they shared. Aiming to promote prevention as opposed to producing the stereotype of looking “over done”. “Rather, we are about enhancing your own beauty and keeping our clients looking like the individuals that they are. We’re not looking for new machines and injectables, and instead use a combination of preventative measures and appropriate treatments allowing our clients to love the skin they’re in,” Scott and Sullivan-Smith share.

20’s anti-ageing treatments/interventions

Improving texture and tone can help minimise the need for more aggressive treatments as we age. Collagen stimulation is necessary to keep skin plump and youthful, regulate oil production and reduce pore size, which allows for even skin texture and tone and an airbrushed look. Treatment and prevention from sun damage, which break down collagen, is important for us Australian girls. To address this issue in your 20’s, we recommend in-house medical grade peels.