A recent post at The Wall Street Journal’s Informed Patient blog is a welcome, happily balanced look at how aesthetic patients who were shifting away from invasive procedures to more noninvasive procedures are, in some cases, finding they really need more invasive procedures to reverse the effects (read: the mistakes) from too many injectables, etc. Wrinkle Erasing for Starters:

As with too much plastic surgery, doctors say patients can overdo facial treatments. Too many Botox injections, for instance, can give patients a paralyzed, expressionless look, while overuse of fillers can make the face and lips look overblown and artificial.

New York plastic surgeon David Hidalgo says he is seeing more patients who “are so filled up with injectables that they are…circling back to more traditional facial rejuvenation” with surgery.

Unfortunately, as one comment to the WSJ blog mentions, the author of this article is not too clear on what laser skin resurfacing (LSR) is all about — namely, it is not something where you take a long lunch and come back to your desk looking flushed but rejuvenated.

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