In the UK, the results of what is being hailed as "biggest independent cosmetic surgery report ever undertaken" reveals more confirmation of what we already know: Both men and women are motivated to get aesthetic surgery because of vanity or low self-esteem (hat tip to Dennis Rogers).

"…it's Britain's men that choose to go under the knife through vanity, compared to women who are motivated by low self-esteem. However, a massive 46% of men are so confident and self-assured with their appearance, that they would change nothing.

"In the poll of 2,000 UK-based men and women  undertaken by cosmetic surgery provider, Transform Cosmetic Surgery Group, the results show that 80% of people surveyed agreed that procedures are now more socially acceptable.

"Fully 73% of women and 44% of men said they were most unhappy with their weight and the size of their midsections. When probed further, 33% of men and 26% of women admitted that despite their dissatisfaction and lack of confidence, they had not tried dieting or exercise."                       

This is one of several recent polls/studies that pushes the notion that only board-certified physicians should be used for any procedure, including Botox.

The owner of this particular report, Transform Cosmetic Surgery Group, is at the forefront of pressuring lawmakers into implementing tighter regulation in the nonsurgical treatment market place.

I can see why industry organs and associations would make hey about that in their studies and opinion pieces. On the other hand, it is a sentiment that gets reduced to mere propoganda when one realizes how much of the nonsurgical procedure market is run by "non-boarded" practitioners.