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Metabolism and Weight Loss Refresher

For those struggling to shed unwanted weight, learning a little bit about how your metabolism works may help you to reach weight loss success as many factors such as diet choices, exercise habits, and underlying health will affect how your body will burn or store calories, WorldHealth reports.



Why Dermal Fillers Market Is Hotter Than Ever

The global dermal fillers market is experiencing significant growth due to the introduction of advanced products, innovative non-invasive procedures, increasing demand for male aesthetics, accessibility of cosmetic procedures, and more.

Life… After Residency?

“I can’t wait for residency to end so my life can begin.” This phrase was recently spoken at a national meeting from another resident nearing the end of their plastic surgery residency. While perhaps a flippant remark, there was definitely truth in what they said. I think this is a trap that many residents fall into.

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