The Illegal sale of Botox and other cosmetic injectables continues on eBay UK, despite reports last month that the public auction site would end such activity, according to a news report published this week on this week quotes a seller from Texas as saying, "When having this treatment at the Spa, I started to think that it wasn’t that hard to do after watching the girl at the MedSpa do mine, and started talking with her about options of doing it at home. She was able to obtain quantities of the products they use at the Spa for me to use at home and share with my friends (mostly other Mom). I am just a real person who wants to share my amazing find and perhaps make a little money in the process."

Another eBay member has been found selling Lipodissolve chemical “cocktails” on eBay, as a means of self-administering fat-melting injections. These drugs are routinely criticized by medical authorities for being unproven for fat loss.

The Physicians Coalition for Injectable Safety has warned consumers from purchasing products like these from the Web.

“There’s a possibility the product has been obtained illegally, stored improperly, or packaged incorrectly. All of these things can lead to poor outcomes including disfigurement, infection or in some cases even death. It is in your best interest to seek out a qualified physician and not take the risk from buying online,” says Mark Jewell, MD, Coalition leader.