According to facial plastic surgeon Paul S. Nassif, MD, of Beverly Hills, Calif, spring is the best time to address all facial concerns, including wrinkles.

“Many of my patients are looking for small changes. Maybe they are tired of the crows’ feet around their eyes or they would like fuller, plumper lips,” said Nassif. “For them, injectable fillers are a great answer. But there are options to great-looking skin at every age.”

Nassif offers the following skin tips by age group:

• Twenties—For people in their 20s, sunscreen is essential to protect skin from premature aging. They should moisturize daily with a cream that contains SPF 15. Injectables also offer younger patients a way to plump up lips and add volume to cheeks and chins.

• Thirties—In the 30s, the skin can look drier and thinner, and wrinkles may start to appear around the eyes and mouth. Plenty of water and moisturizing twice a day keeps the skin hydrated. Injectables and fillers combat the early signs of aging by filling in wrinkles or plumping up lips and cheeks.

• Forties—In the 40s, the skin’s cell renewal and collagen production begin to slow down, leaving the skin looking dull. Age spots, freckles, and pores become more noticeable. Exfoliation and chemical peels help get rid of dead skin cells to reveal smoother skin. Blepharoplasty can be a good option for patients with sagging skin around the eyes.

• Fifties—Dry skin and wrinkles are common in the 50s, as well as sagging skin around the neck and chin—so good skin care is essential. Dermal fillers  fight aging and add fullness and lifting to saggy cheeks, chins, and jowls.

• Sixties—Moisturizer is critical in the 60s. Decreased circulation to the skin makes it look lighter and drier. Laser resurfacing and microdermadrasion help address skin issues, while an upper and lower facelift or facial implants correct heavy jowls and deep facial lines.

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