Allurion Technologies announces the launch of the transformed Allurion Weight Loss Program and the new worldwide brand for the company and its program.

The new Allurion Program features:

  • The Allurion Balloon, rebranded to reflect its synergistic role with other features in the program
  • The Allurion Virtual Care Suite, enabling end-to-end patient management through the Allurion Health Tracker, Connected Scale, and App
  • Allurion Insights, offering providers real-time patient analytics and telehealth features

The Allurion Balloon is a procedureless medical device for weight loss that, according to the company in a news release, reportedly leads to 10-15% total body weight loss in approximately 16 weeks.

The Allurion Balloon works hand-in-hand with the Allurion Virtual Care Suite. The Virtual Care Suite includes tools for the patient and the provider to have a 360-degree weight loss experience designed to deliver lifelong results. The patient receives the Allurion Health Tracker, Connected Scale, and App to track, monitor and support their progress while providing real-time data to their healthcare team. Allurion Insights integrates this data with the provider and facilitates end-to-end patient management by providing real-time patient analytics and telehealth features.

New Branding

The new branding includes new messaging, identity, logos, and other design elements that have been incorporated across all products to deliver a consistent and unified experience to patients and providers around the globe, per the release.

“The launch of our transformed Allurion Program and our new branding is the culmination of an initiative we began over a year ago to reimagine the future of weight loss and evolve from a company that offers a product to one that offers a revolutionary experience that delivers lifelong results.

“We worked closely with our patients and providers to develop an experience that meets their needs, and we look forward to seeing the positive impact it will have on patient outcomes around the world.”

— Shantanu Gaur, MD, co-founder and CEO of Allurion Technologies

[Source(s): Allurion Technologies, Business Wire]

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