Faces rank as favorite body part among both male and female Americans, while abs top the list of least favorite, according to a new survey conducted by American Laser Centers.

According to the survey, nearly a quarter of both men (24 %) and women (23%) indicated their faces were the favorite part of their bodies. However, 17% of women surveyed indicated their face was their least favorite body part.

Among those surveyed, both men (32%) and women (22%) cited their abs/stomach as the least favorite body part. 

Approximately 22% of both genders said they did not have a favorite body part. Additionally, 26 % of men said they did not have a least favorite body part, compared to only 16% of women.

The survey also revealed that half of women made a New Year’s resolution to improve their bodies this year. Exercise and diet topped the list of how both men and women will try to improve their bodies, followed by cosmetic treatments.

"Since we can’t hide our faces, most people make an effort to put their best face forward, as the saying goes. And that’s relatively easy to do with makeup, skin care and cosmetic treatments, such as microdermabrasion or skin rejuvenation," said David Turok, MD, medical director at American Laser Centers. "Abs, on the other hand, are not only easier to hide, but much more difficult to aesthetically improve."

Complete results of the survey, which included approximately 575 total respondents, [removed]can be downloaded online[/removed].

[Source: PR Newswire]