Fillers may be a mainstay among the Hollywood set, but there’s a new kid in town—and it’s making its mark on the plastic surgery sector. Enter, the lip lift, a procedure that some plastic surgeons call a “more natural-looking alternative” to fillers.

Beautiful, welcoming lips help you look younger [and] healthier,” says Beverly Hills-based plastic surgeon Dr. Ben Talei, who has made an advancement to the procedure with his pioneering CUPID Deep Plane technique, which allows for faster healing minus the nostril widening often seen with other lifts.

“The CUPID Lift delivers a more natural-looking, fuller lip, with enhanced symmetry, definition and balance of the vermillion border, the red line along the edges of the lips,” he says, adding that the one-hour procedure is “virtually painless and scar-free.” (CUPID is an acronym that “refers to the different marking lines on the upper lip — center, peak, intermediate, diagonal,” says Talei.)

According to the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery’s latest annual members’ survey, lip lifts have spiked in popularity as a result of “growing filler fatigue” and a concerted effort to avoid what has become an overdone, unsightly trend—poorly injected, overly inflated puckers

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