Do you want lips like Kylie Jenner? Or would you rather a pout like Angelina Jolie?

For years, women have tried everything from lip liners to injections in chase of the perfect plump.

But now, researchers claim to have found the exact dimensions of what makes the most attractive kisser.

Plastic surgeons had focus groups look at a series of morphed computed images showing every possible variety of lip ratio.

Finally, they can reveal the shape that was unanimously deemed the ‘ultimate’.

The study, conducted at the University of California, Irvine, got focus groups to rank the faces by attractiveness, with varied lip surface areas created and manipulated upper to lower lip ratios.

The most attractive lips were found to be those with a 53.5 percent increase in surface area from the original image with a one to two ratio of upper to lower lip – making the new ratio 1.5 to three.

The lips made up about 10 percent of the lower third of the face.