The American Med Spa Association (AmSpa) has introduced a number of new benefits for its Plus Members, it announces in a media release.

These benefits increase the value of Plus memberships significantly and provide members a wide variety of resources designed to help their businesses become compliant and profitable.

New Features for Plus Members

The Plus membership tier now includes a vast array of new features, including the following.

1. Treatment Delegation Tables: Use this quick reference to learn who can do what in your medical spa at a glance with these tables, which cover 21 treatments for six different professional titles across all 50 states.
2. New and improved state legal summaries: These redesigned summaries are easier to read and include new questions and answers, including:

  • What is considered the “practice of medicine” in my state? (For both Plus and Basic members.)
  • What is a registered nurse or LVN/LPN? (For both Plus and Basic members.)
  • What is the scope of practice for a nurse or LVN/LPN? (For both Plus and Basic members.)
  • Can an aesthetician or non-licensed professional perform microneedling, dermaplaning, microblading or microdermabrasion? (For both Plus and Basic members.)
  • Who can perform microneedling and PRP?
  • Who can use light-emitting devices?
  • Who can perform dermaplaning?
  • Who can perform cryolipolysis?
  • Who can perform permanent makeup/microblading?
  • Who can perform energy-based skin tightening?
  • Who can use PDO threads?
  • Who can perform IV treatments?
  • What regulations affect new and trending procedures?

3. Free downloads of a selection of AmSpa’s consent and intake forms.
4. Free online reputation monitoring from Medical Justice.
5. Member pricing on AmSpa’s standard operating procedures (SOPs), OSHA forms, and plans and policies.

Free Boot Camp Access

If users sign up for an AmSpa Plus membership before the end of 2020, they will receive access to AmSpa’s Virtual Boot Camp free of charge, AmSpa continues in the release.

“One of the things we are always doing at AmSpa is listening to what our members and potential members are seeking when they need education and resources in the medical aesthetic space. We are constantly working to develop tools to help medical aesthetic professionals be legally compliant, professionally profitable, and feel happy, supported and heard.

“The result of that is seen in the new products and updates we release on a regular basis. However, we have never before launched the caliber and quantity of benefits we are with our upgraded AmSpa Plus membership! We are so thrilled to be delivering such useful, important tools that members need at such a reasonable price.”

— AmSpa CEO Alex Thiersch, JD

[Source(s): American Med Spa Association, PRWeb]

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