Fat is where it’s at, and MicroAire®’s new StromaCell™ mechanical cell-separation device may help make harvesting and grafting more seamless.

The new StromaCell™ system prepares an autologous nucleated cell concentrate from a sample of adipose tissue at the patient’s point of care. The StromaCell’s™ closed-system design uses centrifugation to concentrate a stromal-vascular fraction (SVF) from adipose tissue.

The StromaCell™ has multiple chambers designed to isolate the dense nucleated cells through centrifugation, but it makes extracting the cell concentrate easier than using a typical centrifuge tube.

The StromaCell™ canister holds 500 mL of lipoaspirate and is part of a sterile kit containing items that allow the operator to transfer the contents of the canister back into the sterile field after centrifugation. MicroAire® is also offering a laboratory-quality centrifuge for use with the StromaCell™, which has additional applications in the operating room.

MicroAire® Aesthetics recently launched two other noteworthy devices, the LipoFilter™ and the LipoTower™. LipoFilter™ is a closed, sterile, fat harvesting and separation system designed to remove lipoaspirate fluid from adipose tissue through gravity decanting. LipoTower™ is a powerful all-in-one surgical cart providing complete tumescent liposuction capability in the operating room.