Energy-based devices have revolutionized the treatment of skin conditions—ranging from acne scars to varicose veins—and the removal of unwanted hair. Patients receive gentle, noninvasive, and long-lasting solutions. Attend the 26th annual meeting of the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery in Boston, April 5–9, 2006, to learn about new developments in collagen remodeling, pigmentation and acne treatments, and tattoo removal. Stroll through the exhibit hall and look at the latest innovations from exhibitors such as Genesis Biosystems, FriendlyLight, Cutera, CoolTouch, Sybaritic, Cynosure, Syneron, and Palomar. To register, or for further information, visit


Cutera introduces the Titan V (shown) and Titan XL applicator tips, which provide immediate collagen contraction. The Titan V tip provides an unobstructed view of the skin’s surface. The Titan XL tip, with a window that is twice the size of the Titan V, allows treatment of the arms, abdomen, and legs.

For additional information, contact Cutera Inc, 3240 Bayshore Blvd, Brisbane, CA 94005; (415) 657-5500;

Erchonia Medical

Erchonia 4L, a low-level laser by Erchonia Medical, is for use during liposuction. The portable, dual-diode laser breaks down fat cells, making extraction easier. According to the manufacturer, the laser treatment can extract approximately 40 mL of fat per minute, reducing surgery time by approximately 45 minutes per liter of fat removed.

For additional information, contact Erchonia Medical, 4751 E Indigo St, Mesa, AZ 85205; (888) 242-0571;

Novalis Medical

Novalis Medical’s Clareon system uses FDA-ap-proved, patented Krypton pulsed-light technology. Krypton spectral-distribution technology delivers higher performance with reduced side effects compared to other systems. Increase your range of services to include skin rejuvenation, sun damage, permanent hair reduction, pigmented and vascular lesion, acne, and rosacea treatment. 

For additional information, contact Novalis Medical, 1719 W Kennedy Blvd, Tampa, FL 33606; (866) 627-4475;


Lumenis offers Lumenis One™, which creates a custom, graphic patient database with more than 1,500 presets. It features a universal IPL treatment head with filters that slide easily in and out and are recognized by the system’s advanced Windows® XP-based software. The system also offers optimal pulse technology, which provides equalized pulses that eliminate a peak of energy at the beginning of the pulse, allowing effective treatment at lower fluences.

For additional information, contact Lumenis Inc, 2400 Condensa St, Santa Clara, CA 95051; (877) Lumenis;

Reliant Technologies

Reliant Techno­lo­gies introduces the Fraxel Laser for skin resurfacing with min­i­mum down­time and maximum safety. The Fraxel Laser Treatment (FLT) re­stores aging and sun-damaged skin pixel by pixel, spot by spot. It resurfaces the skin without breaking the protective outer barrier. FLT reveals soft­er, smoother, and toned skin, creating a healthy, vibrant, and youthful appearance in as little as 4 to 8 weeks.

For additional information, contact Reliant Technolo­gies Inc, 260 Sheridan Ave, Suite 300, Palo Alto, CA 94306; (650) 473-0200;


Palomar Medical Technologies introduces the Lux1540 Frac­tional™ laser handpiece for fractional skin resurfacing and wrinkle reduction. It is not yet cleared by the FDA. The Lux1540 uses patented fractional technology to deliver Er:YAG laser pulses as “micro­beams,” which protect the skin by creating a lattice of treated areas surrounded by untreated areas. The Lux1540 also removes pigmented lesions, such as sunspots and melasma. It is an attachment for the StarLux™ pulsed-light and laser system for aesthetic treatments.

For additional information, contact Palomar Medical Technologies Inc, 82 Cambridge St, Burlington, MA 01803; (800) 725-6627;


The Galaxy Medical Aesthetic System by Syneron targets the sebaceous glands and acne bacteria, and reduces wrinkles at the epidermal and deep-dermal levels. The Galaxy uses bipolar radiofrequency with a high-powered diode laser on one side and bipolar radiofrequency energy with a broad-spectrum light on the other side to deliver lower energy levels while ensuring patient comfort. The device also treats leg veins and rosacea, removes unwanted hair, and rejuvenates the skin.

For additional information, contact Syneron Inc, 111 Granton Dr, Unit 110, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 1LS Canada; (866) 259-6661;


The SpectraQuattro™ Sub-Zero IPL system by Sybaritic treats inflamed acne, pigmented lesions, vascular lesions, photofacial rejuvenation, and rosacea; and it provides permanent hair reduction in a series of quick, comfortable light-therapy sessions. Spectra­Quattro features a single handpiece and a variety of crystal optical selectors that eliminate undesirable wavelengths and allow careful adjustments based on the depth and absorption characteristics of the intended target structures. A Sub-Zero chilled sapphire light guide provides epidermal cooling, and Spectra­Quattro’s “square-spectrum” spectral profile provides safe and effective treatments.

For more information, contact Sybaritic Inc, 9220 James Ave, Bloomington, MN 55431; (800) 445-8418;


The Ellipse™ Flex IPL system by Candela treats a wide range of cosmetic conditions, including facial aging, vascular lesions, facial veins, acne, age spots, and diffuse redness. The Ellipse Flex features a programmable pulse mode that allows the user to design the device’s output pulse and customize the treatment settings to each specific patient. The Flex also features the patented Dual-Mode filtering technology, which removes potentially harmful water-absorbable wavelengths from the output-spectrum device.

For additional information, contact Candela Corp, 530 Boston Post Rd, Wayland, MA 01778; (800) 733-8550; www.candela

Laserscope Aesthetics

The Gemini dual-wavelength laser is an addition to the multiapplication laser systems by Laserscope Aesthetics. The Nd:YAG 1064-nm  wavelength delivers deep and safe heating to stimulate collagen growth, resulting in wrinkle reduction and skin tightening. Using computer-assisted settings, a touch-screen interface, and either of two handpieces (Variable 1–5-mm or VersaStat 10-mm), users can adjust the Gemini and treat large areas or small spots by dialing in the appropriate setting for each patient.

For additional information, contact Laserscope Aesthetics, 3070 Orchard Dr, San Jose, CA 95134-2011; (800) 356-7600;


The Whisper™ dry-peel laser by Radiancy delivers a safe and fast full-laser facial in minutes and achieves results with pinpoint accuracy, providing a deeper peel, with more predictable results, than a chemical peel. The Whis­per laser treatment minimizes pores, diminishes discolora­tions, smoothes fine lines, and im­proves skin texture. The “dry” peel is easily tolerated, with no wiping necessary and no downtime. Makeup can be applied the next day.

For additional information, contact Radiancy Inc, 40 Ramland Rd S, Suite 10, Orangeburg, NY 10962; (888) 661-2220;


Apogee Elite™ by Cynosure is a laser system that includes the alexandrite 755-nm wavelength and the Nd:YAG 1064-nm wavelength in one unit. With the push of a button, practitioners can customize treatments for all skin types, including tanned skin. The versatile laser system also removes hair and treats vascular and pigmented indications, including the nonablative LaserFACIALSSM treatment.

For additional information, contact Cynosure Inc, 5 Carlisle Rd, Westford, MA 01886; (800) 886-2966;


The introduces an advanced laser and IPL database that is geared toward simplifying the navigation pro­cess through the complexities of lasers and IPLs and helping to determine which sys­tem best fits a physician’s needs. The Web site includes an all-encompassing historical  manufacturer and model listing, the ability to search for a system by man­­u­­­facturer or pro­ce­dure, and the ca­pacity to do side-by-side comparisons of competitive la­ser models. The user may also research warranties and aftermarket service programs, or in­vestigate certified clinical training and after-sale support.

For additional information, contact The, 19336 Goddard Ranch Ct, Suites 201–203, Morrison, CO 80465; (866) 597-6895; 

Genesis Biosystems

The Chromolite™ IPL system with Smartlite™ treatment technology by Genesis Bio­systems treats patients for permanent hair reduction and for many skin conditions, including active acne, vascular lesions, and photorejuvenation of skin types I–V. No cooling gel is necessary during the treatments. Red- or yellow-light energy can be applied to subsurface skin layers for gradual results with minimal side effects and little patient discomfort.

For additional information, contact Genesis Biosystems Inc, 405 State Hwy 121 Bypass, Suite D-120, Lewisville, TX 75067; (888) 577-PEEL;


The LightPod™ erbium laser from FriendlyLight may be used for micro­peels, gentle skin resurfacing, and ablation of cutaneous lesions. The laser removes the outer layers of the epidermis in a controlled process, preventing overheating of the dermis and avoiding patient discomfort and prolonged erythema. The Light­Pod weighs only 20 pounds and fits easily into small procedure rooms. It requires no scheduled maintenance and uses a standard 115-volt light source.

For additional information, contact Friendly Light, 777 Old Saw Mill River Rd, Tarrytown, NY 10591; (877) 397-2435;


The CoolTouch CTEV™ 1320-nm laser provides nonsurgical treatment for small saphenous veins and large saphenous veins. The 1320-nm wavelength targets water in the vessel walls, providing a comfortable treatment for patients without postoperative bruising or swelling. The system features single-use disposable fibers and reusable fibers with autoclave sterilization, which can be used five times.

For additional information, contact CoolTouch, 9085 Foothills Blvd, Roseville, CA 95747; (877) 858-COOL;