The FDA has cleared two new handpieces – DeepRF and ExactRF – used with the VirtueRF microneedling platform. The DeepRF and ExactRF handpieces boast 36 needles and 1 needle, respectively, to treat new areas of the face and body.

VirtueRF launched with the 36-pin SmartRF handpiece which offers clinicians several advancements including robotic precision delivery and unique Sub-Pulse Technology to increase patient comfort without sacrificing power. The two new handpieces will build upon the technology’s sophistication, Cartessa Aesthetics, its manufacturer, notes in a media release.

Like SmartRF, DeepRF offers robotic precision delivery and Sub-Pulse control. DeepRF expands the frequency options and comes with a cooling plate to increase patient comfort. ExactRF adds monopolar radiofrequency to the otherwise bipolar system. The single needle depth can be adjusted for highly precise applications. Furthermore, VirtueRF offers industry leading power at 220 watts.

Cartessa Aesthetics partnered with ShenB, a global leader in RF microneedling manufacturing, to introduce the VirtueRF to the US marketplace.

“The demand for RF microneedling is greater than ever, and ShenB devices have continued to raise the bar in terms of versatility and patient experience. The expandability of the VirtueRF is a prime example of this. With three handpieces, customers can treat more areas and more concerns with a technology they trust. The clinical and financial benefits are substantial.”

— Gabe Lubin, Cartessa Founder and CEO

DeepRF and ExactRF can easily be added to current VirtueRF platforms, per the release.

[Source(s): Cartessa Aesthetics, PRWeb]