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More than 50% of women want to learn how much BOTOX® costs, according to a new survey conducted by the online community SheSpeaks for BOTOX manufacturer Allergan Inc.

According to the survey of more than 2,200 women, 18% are concerned their face will not look natural after treatment and 36% want to know more about the safety of the product.

“Every day in my practice, I have patients ask me for more information about the treatment. I find it interesting that many women don’t know that much about it,” says PSP editorial advisor Anthony Youn, MD, a plastic surgeon in Troy, Mich. For example, “Many of my patients believe that BOTOX Cosmetic is more expensive than it is,” he says in a news release. “Patients don’t realize that the cost of treatment not only includes the price of the product but, more importantly, the skill and expertise of the healthcare professional who is administering the treatment.”

A new free visualizer app, The Allergan iVisualizer, is also available to further educate consumers. The app lets prospective patients take a photo of their frown lines or a video of their crow’s feet to see what BOTOX Cosmetic treatment can do for them. The Allergan iVisualizer app and can be downloaded for the iPad® via iTunes®. BOTOX Cosmetic has also launched to better address questions about the product. The website helps patients who are interested find local physicians and enroll in the Brilliant Distinctions® rewards program.

The full SheSpeaks survey results will be available on the BOTOX website later this year.