Advanced Skin Technology, Birmingham, Ala, announces Aqualant®, a moisture sealant and skin protectant. When sprayed on the entire body immediately after showering, this oil-based, antioxidant-rich skin care product traps moisture in the skin, preventing evaporation, and creates a barrier against the environment. Its primary ingredients are olive oil and grape seed extract—two powerful antioxidants—and retinol. The mist is light and smooth, and does not feel oily or greasy. It also dries quickly and has a natural, citrus scent.

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Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, Alisa Viejo, Calif, introduces the Kinerase C8 Peptide Intensive Treatment and Kinerase Pro+Therapy C8 Peptide Intensive Treatment, which the company calls next-generation products that target skin damage on every level for noticeably younger-looking skin within 28 days. The firm claims that the products are unique due to the new Snap-8 technology found in the C8 Peptide. This neuron-peptide works to reduce the appearance of wrinkles on the face, especially those found around the eyes and forehead area, caused by repetitive facial expressions. The new products are being distributed for sale through dermatologists and plastic surgeons.

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Esthetic Education Resource LLC, Mesa, Ariz, announces the release of the newly revised edition of Techniques and Protocols for the Medical Skin Care Clinic by Laura L. Root. This book, written for estheticians who work in medical skin care clinics, includes an entire chapter on LED/photodynamic therapy, as well as information about lasers, less invasive treatments such as Fraxel and IPL, tissue fillers, neurotoxins, and combination treatments.

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Professional Solutions, Pompano Beach, Fla, introduces Collagen Cycle Serum, a combination of active peptides and proteins formulated to fight the processes that affect the quantity and quality of collagen as we age. It acts at three different stages in the life of collagen—synthesis, formation, and degradation—to restore the collagen levels of both young and mature skin, and maintain an adequate long-lasting collagen function that will ensure healthy and youthful skin.

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Henry Schein Medical Systems, Melville, NY, introduces powder-free Criterion™ Aloe Green latex exam gloves, which feature an embedded aloe vera moisturizing gel that soothes and protects the hands. The form-fitting, natural latex gloves offer strong barrier protection and a sure grip that assists the user in any application. The gloves are available in five sizes—extrasmall, small, medium, large, and extralarge—in 100-per-box quantities.

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Lutronic Inc, Princeton Junction, NJ, announces it has received regulatory clearance from the FDA for its AccuSculpt™ Laser Lipolysis System, which is indicated for the surgical incision, vaporization, ablation, and coagulation of soft tissue. This system delivers 1,444-nm-wavelenth pulses for accurate, precise, controlled, and minimally invasive deep-tissue heating. To meet consumer demand for less invasive body-shaping procedures and to ease concerns about cost and recovery time, the AccuSculpt system was designed to safely and efficiently emulsify fat, improve physical contouring and the appearance of skin laxity, and reduce bruising and other side effects commonly associated with liposuction and other laser-assisted lipolysis treatments.

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Henry Schein Medical Systems, Melville, NY, offers UltraSoft Procedural Masks, which combine a fluid-resistant spunbond outer layer with an inner white layer of soft, hypoallergenic cellulose that will not tear, shred, or lint. The masks meet the ASTM standards as primary (low) fluid-resistant barriers: 80 mm Hg PFE 99.75%@0.5 micron; BFE 99.3% @ 3.1 microns. They are available in blue or pink in quantities of 50 per box.

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Annette International, Miami Beach, Fla, introduces its Annette Seamless Technology collection of postsurgical garments that eliminates indentations on the skin, helps shape the body, and encourages a faster recovery. Four styles are available—full-body above-the-knee girdle, zip front boy short bodysuit, full-body below-the-knee girdle, and front close softcup—to wear after liposuction, breast, and low invasive procedures. The garments apply uniform compression throughout; use 100% natural fibers to reduce itching and irritation; adjust to the body as swelling dissipates; and contain natural components of sea kelp and aloe vera, which are activated when the garments come in contact with the skin.

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Biopelle Inc, Ferndale, Mich, introduces three new products to its AFA Acidified Amino Acid skin care product line. AFA Smoothing Eye Cream helps reduce the appearance of crow’s feet and lines via a combination of AFA technology with caffeine and AFA’s proprietary Advanced Protein Complex. AFA Ultra-Rich Moisturizer contains panthenol, with its humectant-like properties, to help improve the skin’s ability to retain moisture for maximum hydration. AFA Sheer Oil-Free Moisturizer is noncomedogenic, ultralight, and ultrahydrating for use with normal to oily skin.

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Syneron Medical Ltd, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, releases the eMatrix™ laser system, which offers fractional RF skin-resurfacing capabilities in hardware that comes in a compact tabletop footprint. eMatrix utilizes Matrix RF™, the world’s first RF-only technology for fractional ablation and skin resurfacing, which delivers visible results similar to other more bulky, ablative systems. According to the company, it enables the clinician to deliver precise outcomes using proprietary, customizable treatment features. The system’s SelectPulse feature enables customization of the depth of ablation and degree of skin resurfacing based on the patient’s needs. Easily select appropriate treatment parameters with the system’s intuitive touch screen interface.

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PhotoMedex, Montgomeryville, Pa, launches its new and improved NEOVA® Eye Therapy, a Paraben-free formula containing two clinically proven ingredients that help reduce the appearance of bags, fine lines, wrinkles, and dark circles around the eyes. GHK Copper Peptide Complex®, a powerful collagen and elastin promoter, remedies the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and restores firmness. Haloxyl™, a tightening agent, prevents and diminishes the appearance of dark circles.

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Henry Schein Medical Systems, Melville, NY, offers 3 mil, next-generation, latex- and powder-free Criterion™ Pure Nitrile Gloves. The gloves meet ASTM D 6319-00a standards and help prevent type IV allergic reactions. The soft nitrile rests on every contour of your hand, while the extended palm cut reduces hand and thumb fatigue. Textured fingers result in an optimum grip in both dry and wet applications. The gloves are available in five sizes—extrasmall, small, medium, large, and extralarge—in 100-per-box quantities.

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Professional Solutions, Pompano Beach, Fla, introduces Super Hyaluronic Moisturizing Cream, which contains a combination of hyaluronic acid, squalane, and aquaxyl that helps improve the skin’s hydrous flow. Hyaluronic acid increases smoothness, softens, and decreases wrinkles. Squalene moisturizes the skin and prevents transdermal water loss, and aquaxyl improves water reserves and limits water loss.

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