Microbial genomics company uBiome has been issued patent number 10,169,541 for characterizing skin conditions such as eczema, dry skin, photosensitivity, and acne. The patent was issued by the US Patent and Trademark Office on January 1, 2019 with a priority date of October 21, 2014.

The patent, titled “Method and System for Characterizing Skin Related Conditions,” is an invention by uBiome collaborators Dr Zachary Apte, Dr Daniel Almonacid, Dr Jessica Richman, and Dr Catalina Valdivia, and expands upon its current intellectual property portfolio.

The patented technology involves characterizing a skin-related condition such as eczema, dry skin, photosensitivity, dandruff, and acne, among others. Further, the patent involves developing a therapy to prevent or ameliorate skin-related conditions by analyzing biological samples from uBiome’s patented kits.

This issuance will lead to further development in characterizing and designing therapies for skin-related conditions which may include probiotic, prebiotic, antibiotic, antifungal, phage-based, small molecule-based, cognitive/behavioral, physical, clinical, medication-based, and diet-related therapies. Together, these potential impacts could improve the treatment and management of skin-related conditions in an individualized and population-wide manner, a media release from uBiome explains.

“With this patent, we hope to advance the science of skin-related conditions, which are on the rise and already affect millions of people worldwide,” says Jessica Richman, PhD, co-founder and CEO of uBiome, in the release. “We are thrilled to continue expanding our intellectual property and growing our patent portfolio.”

[Source(s): uBiome, PR Newswire]