Renuvion manufacturer Apyx Medical Corp. announces the launch of its first-ever direct-to-consumer brand campaign. Titled #ThisIsMe, the campaign is aimed at U.S. consumers who are interested in a minimally invasive procedure with Renuvion, a proprietary helium plasma and radiofrequency technology,

The company’s campaign targets consumers with a variety of creative content that illustrates the personas of potential patients, all emanating from different walks of life, who want a younger and tighter-looking appearance of their neck and chin.

“In an era of superficial innovations, Renuvion goes beneath the surface to uplift, empower and reshape what’s possible,” says Jeff Hoffman, vice president of marketing. “We are a brand that benefits patients physically with results that benefit them emotionally—creating confidence they never could have imagined. To connect with our patients on a personal level, the #ThisIsMe campaign speaks from their perspective.”

The Renuvion brand campaign is launching on the heels of Renuvion’s two recent U.S. FDA clearances, including an important clearance for using the device to improve the appearance of loose skin on the chin and neck. This “one-hour neck procedure” is a single-treatment, minimally invasive solution that can be performed under a local anesthetic.

Renuvion has been in the headlines lately, according to company officials. Celebrity plastic surgeon and co-host of the hit television series Botched Paul Nassif, MD, reported using Renuvion in a procedure on Passions actress McKenzie Westmore in a recent People magazine feature. 

Brazilian mega-influencer, actress and singer Camila Loures, 27, recently had a procedure with Renuvion and shared the results with her 18.4 million Instagram followers. Renuvion was also featured in two episodes of the December 2022 The Learning Channel (TLC) series “Awake Surgery“, and will be spotlighted in a February 2023 episode of Lifetime’s “The Balancing Act” program.

“With the recent FDA clearances that Renuvion has received, it’s important that Apyx Medical let potential patients know about its unique capabilities,” says Todd Hornsby, executive vice president. “Renuvion’s safety and efficacy is based on years of scientific research and clinical evidence which is unique in this industry.”