Acquisition expands Bimini’s global soft-tissue franchise, which already includes the PureGraft and Dermapose fat transfer systems

Medical device and regenerative therapy company Bimini Health Tech has acquired the exclusive rights to an acellular dermal matrix (ADM) technology for the plastic and reconstructive surgery field.

“The addition of an ADM to Bimini’s existing product portfolio is the next foundational step in our strategy to become a global leader in the plastic and reconstruction market and advance the standard of care for patients requiring reconstructive surgery,” says Bradford Conlan, CEO of Bimini Health Tech.

“Bimini expects total revenue from the ADM products to exceed $400 million over the next 10 years,” Conlan adds. “The ADM technology is a welcome addition to the 20-plus products in our portfolio that are currently approved and cleared around the world.”

The ADM is pre-hydrated, perforated, and ready to use, and comes with a medical-device grade sterility assurance level of 10-6, eliminating the need for additional washing or preparation steps, thereby increasing efficiency and reducing operating times. Bimini’s offering will be provided in multiple shapes and sizes to meet its customer’s needs, according to Conlan.

Specifically, the ADM technology utilizes a proprietary manufacturing process that removes donor DNA without compromising the desired biomechanical structure or biochemical properties. This leaves key factors of the native dermis intact for integration and neovascularization to meet its intended use.

By acquiring the exclusive license for this technology, Bimini Health Tech will be able to leverage its existing infrastructure and expertise to bring this technology to a wider patient population, with an estimated U.S. market size of over $700 million per year, company officials say. “This acquisition represents a strategic investment in the company’s future and is in line with its mission to improve patient outcomes through the development of innovative medical technologies,” they add.