A newly formed subsidiary of Bimini Health Tech acquired substantially all the assets of Ideal Implant, Inc., including intellectual property, regulatory approvals, product inventory, and certain manufacturing capacity. Accordingly, the Bimini Health Tech portfolio now includes a breast implant, an acellular dermal matrix, the Puregraft fat transfer technology, and the Healeon PRP product line.

“The Ideal Implant technology is unmatched in its safety and technological sophistication and possesses one of the few U.S. FDA class III regulatory approvals for breast implants,” says Bradford Conlan, CEO of Bimini Health Tech. “Bimini will re-position the technology for the hospital setting, which we believe will unleash profitable growth. The addition of a breast implant to Bimini’s existing product portfolio is the next foundational step in our strategy to become a global leader in the plastic and reconstructive surgery market.”

The product line will be branded the Serene Breast Implant. Bimini officials say the breast implant features a patented multi-shell design that reduces rippling and provides a more natural look and feel, similar to a silicone breast implant. 

“The acquisition aligns with Bimini’s mission to improve patient outcomes by providing innovative medical technologies,” Conlan adds.