Membership perks include a virtual space to chat with Dr Ava Shamban’s medical team to discuss skincare products, concerns, and experiences.

The Box by Dr Ava, a new dermatologist—curated, results-driven skincare subscription box, recently introduced its community for members of The Box by Dr Ava.

According to the company, The Box by Dr Ava Community is a central place where members can discuss and ask questions about specific products (and get personal answers); talk wellness, beauty, fitness and nutrition; and get support and advice for all skin concerns. There’s also the option of having real-time tele-aesthetic consultations with Ava Shamban, MD, and her medical team. The Box by Dr Ava Community meets regularly on Facebook.

“My goal is to make dermatological curated skincare and advice accessible and approachable,” says Dr Ava. “During the first four weeks of the pandemic, my medical team and I virtually treated 300+ patients while our physical offices were shut down. The pandemic gave me perspective on how I want to take care of all patients, including those with aesthetic and skin needs while at home.”

Membership perks include a virtual space to chat with other members and discuss skincare products/experiences; access to the team at The Box by Dr Ava for skincare questions and advice; invitations to private events and special offers, including monthly live events on social platforms with Dr Ava or guest speakers; and access to private events, offers and sales.

The company points out that while it’s easy for patients to Google query responses about a multitude of skin-related concerns, 99% of the time it’s going to fall short or cause anxiety. So, it’s recommended to see a doctor. The Box by Dr Ava introduces consumers to skincare and wellness products hand-selected by Dr Ava. Along with the subscription comes the benefit of community support.