Guard My Practice offers weekly videos with business and operational guidance to help doctors navigate operating their practice.

Guard My Practice, a video-based platform that provides doctors with a full spectrum of business and operational guidance, announced its launch with the release of a first set of videos aimed at helping physicians effectively run their practices and reduce business risks.

Created by healthcare attorney Amanda Hill, who has more than 20 years of experience, Guard My Practice is designed for physicians who are seeking a better way to protect their businesses in the complicated world of healthcare.

“Doctors may be experts at healing patients, but medical school rarely prepares them for the business side of healthcare. With limited experience and guidance, they have had to do their own research or call a lawyer when trying to navigate a complicated business decision,” said Hill. “Information found on the internet is often too generic, but without good advice, doctors can get themselves into significant legal and financial trouble.”

Through Guard My Practice, doctors can access weekly 15-minute videos with content tailored for critical hot spots impacting medical practices, including contracts, business deals, and patient engagement. In addition to learning valuable business-related information, physicians can also earn 14 hours of Continuing Medical Education (CME) per year.

Now available to physicians nationwide, Negotiating a Physician Employment Agreement is the first of Guard My Practice’s videos to be released and explains the critical steps of negotiating a physician employment agreement in easy-to-understand language and an entertaining format.

Guard My Practice’s full spectrum of guidance includes business advisory, risk management, consultation, accounting, and CME hours.

Each week, doctors will learn tips and tricks on different areas related to running a medical practice, from forming a compliance plan to the basics of negotiating a contract.

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