By Joyce Sunila

Video testimonials are terrific marketing tools. They’re the kind of third-party endorsements that boost your reputation and build trust as people explore your website.

So why not use them in your e-newsletters, too?

Let’s say you’re writing a newsletter article about a new development in eye rejuvenation. It can’t hurt to wind up the discussion with a link to a testimonial video. Watching a patient enthuse about how her life changed after the eye surgery can turn a mildly curious prospect into a woman on a mission.

The Numbers Affirm Videos’ Value

Videos’ persuasiveness is borne out by statistics. A recent study of marketing professionals showed that:

  • 76 percent believe video increased click-through rates.
  • 72 percent believe customers are more likely to convert after watching a video in email.
  • 88 percent reported a positive impact from implementing video in their email campaigns.


Make Sure You Link Back to Your Website

Make sure that the clickable link behind the video thumbnail points back to an optimized landing page on your website, not to a page on YouTube or Vimeo. This is important because:

• Possession. Your website is “in your loop.” YouTube and Vimeo are out of your loop. They tempt your readers to explore countless other videos and distract them.

• Tracking. On your website, you can track your audience’s behavior using Google Analytics. This is not possible on other pages.

If your eye rejuvenation video is on a page with other testimonials, have your webmaster create a separate page for it, just for this purpose. Make sure to include your contact information and a call to action.
And make sure readers can navigate quickly back to your e-newsletter after they’ve watched the video.

Google loves video. Have your webmaster optimize a dozen or so video landing pages for search purposes. You’ll drive all of your competition to page 2.

There are companies out there charging $1,000 a month to set up video landing pages and to keep them optimized. You can do it in-house with your webmaster’s help.

Joyce Sunila is the president of Practice Helpers, providing e-newsletters, blogs and social media services to aesthetic practices. You can contact Joyce at [email protected] or visit the Practice Helpers website at