Clarity Clinical Skin Care, Newbury Park, Calif, presents An Apple A Day, a high-performance facial pharmaceutical that is formulated with Malus domsestica, dedifferentiated callus cells from Swiss apples that studies indicate help boost production of the skin’s stem cells and protects them from stress, thus decreasing wrinkles and producing younger, fresher-looking skin. it also contains a medical-grade Hyaluronic Acid to ensure proper delivery and maximum absorption of the active ingredient.

Clarity Clinical Skin Care
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James A. Harris, MD, and the Hair Sciences Center of Colorado, Denver, introduce the Powered SAFE Scribe, the latest addition to the integrated SAFE System developed by Harris for application in follicular unit extraction (FUE) surgery. Because it is powered, not manual, the SAFE Scribe can reduce the surgical time by half and increase the number of extractions per hour from 200 or 300 to 500 to 700. Other benefits include virtually no pain, no visibile scarring, less follicle damage, and potentially reduced surgery costs due to the SAFE Scribe’s faster speed, which may enable more patients to undergo the FUE procedure.

Hair Sciences Center of Colorado
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EMG Productions Inc, Marble Hill, Mo, introduces ePatientPayments.com, an easy-to-use, cost-effective solution for secure online payments via PayPal with options for customer patient-recurring payment plans, or simple pay-on-account functionality. With ePatientPayments.com, staff can quickly generate a custom plan for every patient and e-mail a link to patients for easy online payment. Its electronic system limits errors, and recurring plans ensure on-time payments each month.

EMG Productions Inc


Annette International Corp introduces the Diva Defined adjustable shapewear collection. Using an inner belt that adjusts from medium to firm control, wearers can customize the garments to suit their individual body shapes. The garments are available in colors café and black, and in sizes S to 4X (roughly sizes 4 to 28), in the following silhouettes: Boy Short, Brief, Long Leg, Cami, and Slip.

Annette International Corp
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Lipose Corp, Greenwich, Conn, introduces the ViafillT Fat Transfer System, a disposable, fast, and easy-to-use autologous fat-transfer system that allows physicians to harvest fat from one part of the body and process it for use as an injectable filler in another part of the body. The unit features a proprietary harvest syringe and centrifuge tube designed to reduce cell damage and allow oil and debris to be separated from fat with minimal trauma or exposure to air. The centrifuge spins at an optimal low speed (50 g), which studies show helps minimize cell death.

Lipose Corp


Eclipse, Dallas, introduces Smooth Cool HR/SR, a light-based, high-volume hair-removal device with a built-in automatic temperature controller. The Smooth Cool system’s chilling technology cools the skin quickly, which protects the skin from thermal injury and safely delivers large peak doses of power to the target.

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Dickson Co, Addison, Ill, announces the availability of its white paper, “Hospital Environmental Monitoring—What You Need to Know About Critical Storage Regulations, Liabilities, Audits, Instrument Selection, and Cost Controls,” via download from its Web site. The guide includes reviews and summaries of: the regulatory landscape, liability concerns and regulatory compliance audits, monitoring instrument options, step-by-step guides to matching instruments to application requirements, calibration requirements, environmental monitoring to defray rising energy costs, and purchasing tips. It also includes quick reference guides.

Dickson Co
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