MedicalSpaMD's Web site has republished a PSA-style e-mail from an organization called The International Medical Spa Association, which criticizes the recently proposed California assembly bill that would place restraints on the flourishing medspa business.

The organization claims that the proposed bill, which is currently in committee, would damage California businesses, restrict access to services, and potentially drive up costs for consumers in order to protect a special class of physicians.

The International Medical Spa Association, an association with a large number of members in California, and over 1,000 members worldwide, is concerned that California Assembly Bill 2398 may be unwarranted restraint of trade that threatens the public's safety and undermines a doctor's or small business owner's right to earn a living.

The Bill has nothing to do with consumer safety. It was drawn up with the support of a special interest group (the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery) representing dermatologists with a vested business interest in restricting who can own or operate a medical spa. Since a dermatologist can become board certified without receiving any training in esthetic procedures, there is no guarantee that these specialists will have any greater knowledge of esthetic procedures than other doctors, healthcare professionals, and estheticians.

Some of MedicalSpaMD's readers have taken issue with the criticism of the asssembly bill. Read the whole thing here.