Along with the organization Surgeons for Safety, Inc., seven plastic surgeons who practice in Miami-Dade County are asking an appeals court to block the Florida Board of Medicine’s June 3 emergency rule, which limited the number of Brazilian Butt Lifts Florida surgeons can do each day to three. 

The rule limits surgeons to performing three of the procedures a day and requires that they use ultrasound. The procedures, more technically called gluteal fat grafting, involve injecting fat to enlarge or reshape patients’ buttocks. Attorneys for the surgeons disputed that an emergency rule was justified or fair.

“Gluteal fat transfers are not per se dangerous,” attorneys Bruce Rogow and Tara Campion wrote in a petition filed at the South Florida appeals court. “If improvements in carrying out the procedures were to be considered, there was no justification for doing so by emergency rule.”

But the rule pointed to 10 verified deaths during the past three years of patients who underwent Brazilian butt lifts. It also cited an emergency rule passed by the Board of Medicine in June 2019 to try to bolster safety of the procedures.

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