Nearly three months ago, the Florida Board of Medicine approved an emergency rule that limited the number of Brazilian butt lifts Florida plastic surgeons can perform each day to three and mandated the use of ultrasound during the procedure. Here’s where the legislation currently stands.

Florida’s medical board is expected to finalize mandates next month that aim to make the procedure safer in three key ways: It will cap the number of butt-lifts a surgeon can perform, forbid surgeons from delegating key parts of the procedure and require the use of ultrasound equipment to reduce the risk of fat being injected into the wrong part of the butt. 

At butt-lift mills, well credentialed surgeons often essentially supervise surgeries, allowing underqualified physicians or medical assistants to perform critical parts of the procedures, said Pat Pazmino, MD, a Miami plastic surgeon who recently published a paper on South Florida’s high number of butt-lift deaths. 

“The patients probably assume that the doctor who agreed to do the surgery is going to be performing it,” said Pazmino. “It’s really the way that these clinics are practicing that has put a lot of patients in danger.”

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