Is the stigma related to plastic surgery finally over? With more people than ever sharing their “befores-and-afters” on social media and celebrities getting real about what work they’ve had done, plastic surgery is a hot topic these days. But are surgical numbers surging or are people finally being honest? PopSugar investigates.

“We have continued to see an uptick in plastic-surgery consultation to procedures,” P. Daniel Ward, MD, Salt Lake City-based facial plastic surgeon and founder of FormRx Skincare, tells PopSugar. “This is both within my practice, locally in my market, as well as across the country.” The other four plastic surgeons PopSugar spoke to about the topic all agreed.

The driving force of this very fast uptick is largely credited back to social media. (However, Dr. Ward and the other doctors agree the numbers were “already trending up.”) TikTok, in particular, has changed the game with regard to plastic surgery. The video app has made information surrounding the topic more widely available. “TikTok has made it easier to share plastic-surgery experiences with a large audience,” board-certified plastic surgeon Stafford Broumand, MD, of 740 Park Plastic Surgery, says. “It’s also made it easier for people to bring the camera into the treatment room and beyond.” 

Perhaps the answer to this question, then, is actually the opposite: People are getting more plastic surgery because we’re not afraid to talk about it.

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