State Rep. Monique Davis, an Illinois lawmaker, says she wants more stringent regulations on plastic surgery and would like to see a board-certified plastic surgeon affiliated with an accredited hospital or university to perform all procedures.

The proposal comes in the wake of the death of rapper Kanye West’s mother, Donda. That death raised questions about the safety of plastic surgery.

While many said they feel the proposed legislation has its merits, some also expressed concerns.

"I think the one thing we have to be careful of is setting up a situation where we go from one extreme all the way to another extreme," says Dr. Michael Lee of Northwestern Memorial Hospital. "Which I think is not also reasonable."

According to Davis, the proposal is on hold, as more medical professionals help craft a law that will help prevent more tragedies like West’s. Davis says she hopes to have the bill ready for a vote during the next legislative session.

[NBC News, March 11, 2008]