In a recent survey from Center for Studying Health System Change (CSHSC), a Washington DC-based think tank, US physicians have some complaints about their jobs but are "likely to be satisfied overall," according to the report.

Overall, 39% of physicians surveyed said they were "very satisfied" with their careers, while 43% reported being "somewhat satisfied." At the other end of the spectrum, 15% were somewhat or very dissatisfied.

Internists had the lowest "very satisfied" rate at 33%, while 51% of pediatricians said they were very satisfied (P<0.01). Also, physicians in mid-sized group practices were significantly more like to report being very satisfied compared with those in solo or two-physician practices.

Non-Hispanic white physicians were considerably more likely to report being highly-satisfied (40%) than non-Hispanic black doctors (29%) or Hispanics (34%).

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