PEAK Surgical Inc, Palo Alto, Calif, introduces the PEAK® PlasmaBlade TnA (Tonsil and Adenoid) disposable, low-temperature tissue-dissection device, which cuts and coagulates soft tissue during otolaryngology surgery, including the removal of the tonsils and adenoids. The device offers the exacting control of a scalpel and the bleeding control of traditional electrosurgery without the extensive collateral damage to surrounding tissue. The PlasmaBlade is part of the PEAK Surgery System, which is cleared for use in general, plastic and reconstructive, ENT, gynecologic, orthopedic, arthroscopic, spinal, and neurological surgical procedures.

PEAK Surgical Inc
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BASIS Medical Technologies, Toronto, Ontario, along with Envy Medical, Westlake Village, Calif, introduce Lumixyl™ Topical Brightening Creme, a synthetic peptide technology that can help improve the appearance of unwanted discoloration, age spots, sun spots, and uneven skin tone. Developed by dermatological researchers at Stanford University, Lumixyl (according to the companies) helps restrain tyrosinase, the enzyme responsible for initiating the overproduction of melanin, which can cause uneven pigmentation and dark spots. The creme can be used alone or in combination with Tretinoin, laser resurfacing, or SilkPeel; it is nontoxic, nonirritating, water soluble, and safe for all skin types; and it produces no harmful by-products and has no cytotoxic effect.

BASIS Medical Technologies
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La Roche-Posay introduces Effaclar AI Intensive Acne Spot Treatment, which (according to the company) can help visibly reduce stubborn and inflammatory acne in 3 days while minimizing irritation. It contains Lipo-Hydroxy Acid, a pro-exfoliating molecule designed to micro-exfoliate the skin and stimulate cell renewal to help even skin tone, and 5% Micronized Benzyol Peroxide, which releases active oxygen and targets acne deep in the pores. Effaclar AI is also noncomedogenic, dermatologist tested, and tested on sensitive skin.

La Roche-Posay
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EMG Productions Inc, Marble Hill, Mo, introduces ePatientHistory.com, a HIPAA-compliant Web portal that allows patients to securely enter their health information digitally from home prior to their office visit. By receiving patient information ahead of time, practices can validate their patients’ insurance coverage and identify medical problems beforehand, as well as streamline their office workflows. The data is encrypted using SSL technology and is stored on HIPAA-compliant servers for maximum protection.

EMG Productions Inc


Brickell Research, Miami, releases Brickell Medical Office X1, the latest incarnation of its practice-management and scheduling suite. Features include an auto-extending patient ledger, a patient ledger color scheme, support for custom-coded transactions in the patient ledger, an auto-extending batch payment form, and a report generator. The company also announces the release of Brickell Scheduler X1 (its medical resource scheduling solution) and Brickell Scheduler Pro X1 (which combines scheduling, “lite”-EMR, superbill, and Microsoft Word mail merge).

Brickell Research
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