A joint initiative between the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) and Anzu, developer of the AnzuMedical Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration Platform, hopes to improve patient outcomes through increased sharing and access to information.

The collaborative residency network offers the ability to share information between institutions and residents instead of allowing it to remain locked in institutional silos, preventing its widespread educational use.

“The primary mission of our organization is to educate our members,” Daniel C. Mills, MD, and ASAPS president says in a media release from ASAPS.

“Early on, we recognized technology must play an integral part in the learning process. The goal of this particular project is to leverage technology to the fullest extent possible and build a network of residency programs that can share unique arsenals of knowledge with each other for maximum benefit,” he adds.

ASAPS Residency Network Features

  • Independent content management system for each residency program;
  • System network for all participating programs;
  • Webpage builder designed to generate and share multimedia notes for study;
  • Virtual journal club;
  • Multi-platform, cloud-based application;
  • Video bookmarking;
  • Conpendiums on techniques and problem management; and
  • Access to ASAPS’ library of aesthetic surgery.

“Anzu’s goal is to revolutionize residency training and education by enabling collaborative knowledge sharing between institutions and residents, regardless of whether they come from large or small programs,” Barry Fernando, MD, CEO of Anzu states in the release.

“Most institutions and residence programs exist in siloed environments. We are providing a daily-use product for residents that will change how they learn and ideally lead to better clinical decision-making and ultimately better patient outcomes,” he adds.

[Source: American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, PRWeb]