By Jeffrey Frentzen

A debate over the usefulness of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)-BASED hair restoration has been going on for some time in aesthetic circles. The controversy seems overblown to me, as the techniques and technology to perform FUE effectively are certainly in place.

In order to refocus the debate and defuse the negative word out there, Kenneth L. Williams Jr, DO, has published a compelling argument in favor of FUE. The WHOLE Truth and Nothing But the Truth: (Hat tip to Alan Bauman, MD)

FUE has received a lot of negative attention recently from Internet blog sites.  One blog dared to call FUE hair restoration “follicular homicide,” while another blogger who worked for a STRIP surgeon complained that FUE surgery was a fad and would soon fade away in the future. But what generates the most interest is the concerted effort by “concerned” bloggers providing inaccurate information about FUE surgery.

The misinformation about automated FUE :

* FUE is the old “plug” technique and will give the “doll head look” results
* FUE leaves a noticeable scar in the donor site
* FUE is follicular homicide
* Grafts from FUE procedures don’t survive.
* FUE costs $50,000-$100,000 per surgery

The TRUTH and some history about automated FUE — There are currently three FDA approved automated FUE devices available to hair restoration surgeons.  The first device is called NeoGraft™, and was created in France.  The second automated device is called Safe System™.  Safe System™ was engineered and invented by renowned hair surgeon, Dr. James Harris of Denver, Colorado.  The third, and most recent, device is a robotic prototype. These devices are being used in the United States with great success….. when used by properly trained and qualified physicians.

Automated FUE devices are now being used in the United States by some of the most respected hair restoration surgeons and former elected Presidents of hair restoration societies.

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