Sound Surgical Technologies LLC this week announced the launch of the new VASER Lipo System today. The new VASER System has been re-engineered to improve the overall experience for physicians and provide even greater versatility for body contouring procedures. The ultrasonic energy has been specifically tuned to "make the technology ideal for fat transfer procedures, while also continuing to improve body sculpting efficiency," says a company spokesperson.

The new VASER System has been optimized for harvesting fat for subsequent fat transfer procedures.

Constantino Mendieta, MD, a plastic surgeon in Miami, Fla, recently commented, "Everything about VASER technology, from the non-cutting cannula to the energy delivery, promotes a gentler procedure, which in turn boosts fat viability."

VASER technology has also been clinically proven to enhance skin retraction. In a recent multi-center, clinical study, VASER Lipo treatment demonstrated 53% improvement in skin retraction relative to standard liposuction, according to the company. This is the first study to demonstrate statistically significant and clinically relevant improvements in a new body contouring technology compared to standard liposuction.

"The VASER Lipo System … has revolutionized the way we as surgeons approach fat removal, and how the public perceives it," states Paul Ruff, MD, FACS, a plastic surgeon practicing in Washington DC.

[Source: Sound Surgical Technologies LLC]