SERI-supplementCommercial silk sutures contain sericin and are associated with an exaggerated inflammatory response. In addition, surgical silk suture is composed of fibrous proteins that are first processed into strands, then braided, and may be dyed and coated with wax or silicone. Because of this, silk sutures typically can become encapsulated and do not integrate into the native tissue. However, SERI® Surgical Scaffold is different from ordinary silk. It undergoes the proprietary BIOSILK® purification process that transforms natural silk into an ultra pure, biological scaffold that exhibits favorable biocompatibility with minimal inflammation.

In this eight-page supplement, you will learn about SERI® from Allergan, the first and only silk-derived biological scaffold.  With contributions from SERI® experts Bradley P. Bengtson, MD, Mark L. Jewell, MD, and Max R. Lehfeldt, MD, the supplement provides actual results from soft tissue support and repair case studies.

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