A clinical study evaluating the effects of a retinol and Cannabidiol (CBD) combination in topical skincare appears in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, according to a media release from Aforé by Dr. Few.

Aforé by Dr. Few is a clinically developed skincare line built around Dr. Julius Few’s innovative Four Dimensional Beauty philosophy.

The novel peer-reviewed study by Dr. Few finds Aforé’s new CR Emulsion is effective at improving global skin quality, including static and dynamic wrinkles, without the harsh side effects of traditional retinol solutions. Adding CBD, a naturally anti-inflammatory ingredient, to the base 0.2% retinol solution, maintains the anti-aging properties, but with reduced side effects.

“CBD is anti-inflammatory and pro-healing in nature. I believe that the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties provided by CBD are an essential component of protecting the skin and contribute to the graceful aging of any skin type.”

— Dr. Few

Product Biochemistry and Design

CR Emulsion was designed by combining ingredients which act on complementary biochemical pathways important in maintaining the skin’s health and preventing aging. By combining solubilized CBD and retinol, along with other botanicals, the ability of retinol to improve cellular turnover and decrease the depth of fine lines and wrinkles is maintained, while solubilized, medical-grade CBD counteracts irritating effects, like redness or peeling, that would otherwise occur.

“Importantly, the CBD used in this study is water soluble,” shares Dr. Few. “Most often, CBD is dissolved in coconut oil or medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil, which can clog pores or make skin look oily or dull.”

The Science and Clinical Study

In this study, 10 patients applied the CR Emulsion nightly for six weeks. While patients reported improvement in every area, the greatest improvements were for visible pores, dehydration, surface roughness, static wrinkles and dynamic wrinkles. All of the subjects were satisfied with the effect that CR Emulsion had on their skin and 90% would recommend the product to others. Importantly, the tolerability of CR Emulsion was excellent.

Four Dimensional Beauty

The CR Emulsion study is part of a larger body of work done by Dr. Few on a concept called Four Dimensional Beauty. In addition to evaluation of aesthetic results using the industry standard of static before and after images, Dr. Few also employs videos of patients making a range of expressions to evaluate the functional impact of treatment on apparent patient confidence and openness of expression. This 4D assessment takes into account the transitions between facial expressions and the interplay of dynamic lines, texture and evenness in tone on expressiveness.

“The movement of our faces during communication are central to how we perceive ourselves and are perceived by others,” shares Dr. Few. “By capturing movements of the face with short videos both the treating physician and the patient have access to a more accurate reflection of what is observed in day-to-day life and an evaluation of the most relevant effects of treatment is possible.”

[Source(s): Aforé By Dr. Few, Kelz Media]